Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love Like You Mean It

I think this is my last card from November & it's a good one. There was no name with it, so if this is yours, let me know. I like this little pickup from Loads of Love. It reminds me of my Grandfather's. I think we all have certain things from our loved one's life that remind us of them. My sister also shares this memory because she recently brought it up in a conversation we had.

I remember, a long time ago, I went to Omaha shopping for living room furniture. For some reason I was looking at LazyBoy rocker/recliners. When I found one I liked, and sat down in it, images of my Grandmother came instantly to my mind. I took it! Grandma, Grandpa & my Aunt Neva each had their certain place to sit in the evenings after dinner to watch tv, craft, or read. I hope each of you has such a comforting memory. If not, I am sure you are creating one for your family and I know that it will be cherished.