Friday, February 27, 2009

Daily Reflection

I'm still finding this difficult. It is the reflecting of my day that is getting to me. Wednesday was the beginning of Lent. Pastor had emailed me to tell me he was going to talk about Examen, so I promised I would be there. Well, I got a coughing spell and left for a few minutes, so I'm not sure what I missed, but it seemed as if he had just started talking about it when I got back. It helped me to become more motivated to practicing it, so I am going to try this again.

There are 5 basic questions dealing with your day.

1. what am I most grateful for today
2. what do I really want for myself today
3. what ways have I experienced God's love today
4. what choices did I make today that were inadequate
5. how will I let God lead me to a brighter tomorrow

As I was waking up today, I was thinking what I could write. I knew it was going to be cloudy, rainy and colder today. I knew I was going to sleep as late as possible. I knew that is was not necessarily healthy. On the other hand, I knew that I wanted to make plans for Friday. Because I chose only one day to hide from the world, does that not make it okay? Number 5 is about hope. Did I not have it with me today? I think I did. Maybe I succeeded. Maybe not. I don't know.