Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day To You

One of the things I enjoy about my counseling sessions with Pastor is the biblical stories. It's like a personal Bible study. I can ask my own questions. I get a wealth of information. Wish each of you could receive this, too.

For today's Daily Reflection, I've turned to the Daily Devotion and found the following:

An ex-slave, Patrick returned to the land where he had once been robbed of his freedom, so he might tell of the eternal freedom the Christ has won for all.

One of my concerns about posting my daily reflections is that I didn't want to push something so personal onto you. But, If I don't share, how will you know? That is my struggle & reflection for the day. I am remembering my Al Anon days when we said "take what you want & leave the rest behind."