Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good & Bad News

I don't have anything to post today. Last night I was busy preparing and packing for a crop I am attending today as a scrapbooker. So no sleep last night! I hope to have lots to show you next week, including my scrapook pages kit! It's finally finished. I'll be scrapping with a long-time friend. We go back to my Princess House days. I'm looking forward to meeting her scrappin friends.

Yesterday was stressful & full of emotional challenges, but I made it thru. I even have a victory to report involving preparing my own tax return. I absolutely hate this kind of work. My friend, who is a tax preparer, along with her co-workers, agree with me in my thinking about my tax refund. My refund will be what I thought it should be not what KDOR says. So, my thinking that I can't prepare my own taxes has just been defeated. In addition, I hope to get the KDOR to issue me an additional credit for last year, as they disagreed with my then tax preparer. Everybody repeat after me, "way to to Deloris!"