Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope this is a terrific year for all of us. I have my days & nights mixed up, so I'm sleeping from 9a to 6p or so. I am making progress on cleaning out my work room & am getting anxious for Lisa to help me move furniture around. Still haven't found my glasses. KC is in the other room curled up on the couch, I think. He may be in the Lazy Boy rocker/recliner. We have been fighting over who sits in it tonight. He is so cute! As some of you know, I have a fleece blanket over my sofa as that is where he is a lot of the time. He likes to sit on top of the back cushions and look out the window & in the afternoon, when he takes his "serious nap" he is under the covers. I'm kind of a fanatic about straightening out my bed covers after I get up & go to the bathroom. Before getting back into bed I will straighten all the covers out. Sometimes, I will do that for KC. A couple of weeks ago, he wanted to lay on the seat cushion of the sofa but he asked me for something before he would lay down. I noticed that at the other end, the blanket was kind of messed up so I wondered if that was it. Sure enough, I smoothed it out & he laid down!!! What a cutie!