Monday, December 29, 2008


My sister, Deanna, sent me a box of DeBrand Fine Chocolates & I have just finished eating the last one! I was looking at their catalog to see which one I liked the best & couldn't decide, so thought I would share some of them with you & give you their website. Here are a few:

European Heart - Pure milk chocolate blended with finely ground hazelnuts to make a silky smooth consistency with a nutty taste. (pure creamy enjoyment)

Apricot Cream - Tart apricot pieces in a smooth apricot cream covered in dark chocolate (exquisite!)

DeBrand Caramel - Rich, buttery caramel (almost sinful)

Raspberries & Cream - Pure, smooth raspberry, topped with tart raspberry juice, covered in milk chocolate (if you love raspberry milkshakes, you'll die over this one)

Here's their site: