Friday, December 19, 2008


I loved my Mom's peanut butter fudge! However, neither myself nor my sister, Denise, can seem to make it come out right. It seems Deanna, my youngest sister, can. Frustrating, but I'm sure God has a good reason for this. Here's the rest of the story. The first Christmas after my Mom died, Denise & I spent Christmas with Deanna. She was such a joy! Her tree was huge, decorated & all lit up. There were stockings on the mantle for each of us. A bowl of fruit on the dining table. (can you tell that this was quite unusual for us to see?) Groceries were bought for the big meal - turkey and all of the trimmings! Cookies & pies were made. Wine and cheese while the turkey was roasting. And the best part? She had made peanut butter fudge for Denise & I - what a joyous day! There's a couple more parts to this story. Denise & Deanna came home for Christmas the year before my Mom passed away. Denise & I made the fudge. It didn't turn out. So, I said we need to make it again tonight till we get it right, because making it just once a year is not working. Practice makes perfect right? Well, we tried 2 more times & still it was not right. Of course, Mom & Deanna just had so much fun with this. To have Deanna make it just once, & have it come out perfectly was just not possible, I thought. I am pretty sure Mom was helping her. Thanks Mom. So, Denise & I were talking a couple of weeks ago & Denise was saying how she would like Deanna to come & be her personal chef. Deanna is back in her cooking/baking mode. She says it relaxes her. Can you believe that? It is one of my stressors. I tell Denise I would rather have some peanut butter fudge. Last year we didn't get any. (we did get some wonderful chocolates) Denise agreed she would like some fudge. She suggested I bring it up with Deanna. I said no way. If I ask, she won't do it. You should ask, I said. Now to the latest on this story. Last week, Deanna e-mailed pictures of her tree and fireplace from her new home so I called her to say how pretty everything looked. "I'm not seeing any peanut butter fudge in the stockings," I said. Deanna replied, no you don't. But, nice try. Last night she called & asked I had gotten my mail lately & I told her no. She then asked how I get Fed Ex deliveries. I explained, they knock & if no answer, they leave a note. I think you should go check now, explained Deanna. There it was - a delivery notice from UPS & Fed Ex. Okay, so I'll get it tomorrow. We talked a few more minutes, and then said good-bye. An hour or so goes by, Denise should be home from work, I want to call her to see if she got any peanut butter fudge in the mail today, but I know she'll be tired & doesn't like talking to people on the phone so I resist the urge. Then my phone rings. It's Denise. I pick up the phone & say hello, I was just thinking of you! She says, I have instructions from Deanna to call you & say I am eating peanut butter fudge! lol Now, you know my sisters!