Monday, January 5, 2009

The Funniest Thing

Just when I think my life is boring, I go and do something really dumb. I went to the store early Sat. morning. I needed a few groceries and also to mail my Christmas cards. Yes, for last year. So I'm walking around Dillons picking up the items I needed and crossing them off my list. I finish paying for them & head over to customer service. I lay my envelopes on the counter. The customer service rep says to me "So you're the one!" She also said "we've been finding these all over the store," but that hadn't sunk in yet. I ask her "Do you mean hand-made greeting cards or envelopes having to use .03 postage?" She is already at the mail bin pulling out 2 envelopes. The first thing I see is the computer font I used, the next is the exact same postage stamps I used & yet I still don't get it, but my eyes are definitely bugging out of my head! Then I see my friend's name & then I see my name on the return address. Oh my gosh! Finally, I get it! I had put my envelopes in the seat of the grocery cart & they were falling out thru the cracks. Thanks to the Dillons employees who helped with my Christmas cards!!!