Saturday, January 3, 2009

Embossing, Clean and Simple

Embosslits dies make it easy to dry emboss and cut in one step
It’s no wonder that dry embossed cards are so appealing. Not only are
embossed images visually attractive, they beg to be touched as well—don’t
you always want to run your fingers over the raised images? But if you’ve
ever done dry embossing, you understand that while it’s beautiful, it can also
be time consuming. So although dry embossing is perfect for a few cards, it
seems a little formidable to use this technique when creating many cards.

Until now.

If you love the look of dry embossing, Sizzix Embosslits dies can make the
process quick and clean. Embosslits dies are used with the Sizzix Big Shot
for Stampin’ Up! die-cutting machine. What sets them apart from other dies
is that they not only cut, they emboss too—all in one easy move. You don’t
need a light table or stylus—you just need your Big Shot, an Embosslits die,
and some paper. Just run a sheet of paper through the machine, and presto!
You have a perfectly embossed, perfectly cut image, done in a split second.
It doesn’t get any easier to make embossed images for multiple cards.

But what if you don’t need to make multiple cards? What advantage does an
Embosslits die have over dry embossing with a template and stylus?

First, an Embosslits die automatically cuts around the embossed image so
you don’t have to. It can make an incredibly intricate cut, more intricate than
what you’d like to do by hand, without leaving jagged edges. Also, the image is
embossed to the very edge.

Second, the Embosslits die applies equal pressure on all embossed sections
of the image. When you dry emboss by hand, it can be difficult to achieve
uniformly embossed dimension. But the Embosslits die will do it for
you. Perfectly. Every time.

If you love the look of dry embossing, try out our new
Embosslits dies. They make embossing a breeze. What could be
better than that?