Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Boy, what an appropriate title for this morning's post! Everything was going along just fine until I tried to upload my photo. My photography program wouldn't upload to my computer. Then I discovered neither would my browser. I called ATT DSL Support. She said I had a weak signal according to the test they ran. Can I just say, it is so hard to understand another's accent. It's frustrating and time consuming. At one point, she asked that I unplug the dsl cable from the splitter and plug it directly into the phone jack. Duh! Guess what, I disconnected her call. However, she did call right back. She then says she will need to have a tech call me within 2-4 hours. I forgot to mention the stash of cables woven around my desk, floor, fax and printer. Not to mention the stuff I had laying on the floor in front of them that needed to be put away. It took me way to long to find the right cable. That must have been frustrating for her, huh? So now I decide to clean up my mess, starting first by untangling everything. I had to unplug the fax & printer and store them elsehere until I dealt with the cables. The dust was disgusting. I could easily become a neat freak! But, I digress. It is now 2 hours later and I have fixed my own problem! Whew!

Here is post for the day. It is a small cello bag filled with chocolate-covered raisins. I have 7 done and plan to make 14 more for an upcoming craft fair. To read the poem, click on the photo to enlarge it.