Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Bit Of Fun

I thought I would share with you an email I just sent to my fellow demo's discussing this month's swap as I was having a bit of fun this morning.

My BS project will be the Mini Milk Carton Die. Haven't decided on the theme yet. I personally am in the mood for Easter so I wouldn't mind all Easter projects. However, I will explore other options.

I suppose I could do a Baby theme, not necessarily a Holiday idea. Hmm, that gives me an idea. I'll be right back.

March 14 is the National Saving Time Day which actually runs thru the end of November. I could do a one-layer project. Laziness comes easy to me! Note to self - clear my calendar thru November.

Then there is Spring, an event of new growth. Hmm, new growth. That's totally opposite of afore mentioned Saving Time Day. Let's keep looking.

Ooh, April Fool's Day, that could be fun. I'm thinking cards that a rabbit pops out at ya. Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. Isn't that a song? I must have that in my music collection. Please, please let me know the title and artist.

Okay now, Deloris is getting her groove on. Need more inspiration. Feb. is Natl Adopt a Rescued Rabbit's month and so is Pull Your Sofa Off The Wall. You know those are 2 things that I would strongly suggest each of us do this month, HGTV's designer David Bromstad would be so proud of us. Would you like a rabbit for your farm? I truly think that they are one of the scariest animals God has created.

Ah ha. I have it. Spunky Old Broad's Month. ROTFLMAO.