Sunday, August 9, 2009

Daily Reflection

I have not been following thru on my daily reflections, today was especially notable so here goes.
Pastor had taken the day off, so one of Deacons gave the message. Though disappointed, I wanted to get something out of it, so I said a prayer asking for patience & to hear whatever the message was. I am happy to say that God answered my prayer. It was a good service.

The message: Love is forgiving. Forgiving is love. When someone, especially those close to me, says something that really hurts, that hurt can last a very long time and forgiveness seems impossible. I am more aware now than ever before of "be careful what you say, as you can't take it back." And, when we are tired, frustrated, stressed, or are hurting it is much easier to say things that we should wait till a better time & say the words with love instead of with all the other feelings.

I pray that we all can learn this.