Friday, July 3, 2009

I Can See!

I received a call today saying my glasses were in, so I eagerly went to pick them up. It felt very strange to be wearing glasses, I think I lost mine last fall. I was able to get some clip-ons too. I've never had sunglasses with my prescription before, but since they have gotten so bad, I thought it was pretty important. I celebrated by going to Barnes & Noble & picking up "The Shack." I'm looking forward to reading it. Pastor is going to have a discussion forum on it at the end of the summer. Tonight, I spent time going thru some recent magazines. A few weeks ago I purchased a scrapbooking magazine & found instructions on how to print in white with a solid color background, something that I've been trying to achieve for months. Once I laid it down, I forgot where I had read it. Well, I finally found the info & I was able to do it. Now, I am trying to figure out how to print my journaling lines within a circle. I've figured out how to print the lines to flow in a circle, though. I just finished going thru some papers that I have held onto which I couldn't read, read them, then tossed 'em into the trash. One small stack off of my dining table. Yippee!!

Many of you are probably off today for the holiday. Have a safe & fun weekend.