Monday, May 18, 2009


I want to take a moment to share an opportunity with you; how with just a few workshops a month you can earn extra money--something we all appreciate in this economy.

Let me show you how doable it can be to make over $500 a month from doing workshops. If you hold four $375 workshops in one month, your sales for that month total $1,500 and your earnings are $510.

We all need a happy & fun place to go! At Stampin Up workshops, we laugh with each other, share stories about work, family or whatever, stamp, and have a delighful, fun and up-lifting evening. You will leave a workshop feeling rejuvenated and eager to experience that all over again. That experience, that opportunity to gather together with friends for a comfortable, creative experience is what I love about Stampin Up & I believe sets us apart from others. If you would like to join me, please contact me.

I've been to a party where the jewelry is laid out on a table, you walk by, look at it, & decide what you want or where you sit while somebody extoles the virtues of a particular dishware.

But, you don't build relationships. They don't strengthen relationships. They don't express creativity. And, I certainly don't have nearly as much fun as when I have a stamp in my hand and share stories with my neighbors and friends while we both make a card.

The benefits are so worthwhile! Financial opportunities. Most won't make millions or thousands. You can, very realistically, make hundreds of money, pay for groceries, maybe make a car payment, or save up for a family vacation.

What do you have to do? A few hours, 5 nights a month, and $500! Frist night, prepare for workshop - making phone calls to customers & hostesses, maybe organizing your business a little.

First night, prepare for workshop - making phone calls to customers & hostesses, maybe organizing your business a little. The other 4 nights you have a workshop. Each workshop needs to average $375. If you are not sure you can make that much per workshop, then schedule another workshop, for a little comfort zone. That's not even a part-time job that is 20-30 hours a week.

How do I get started? Begin by asking a few friends to help you get started, or restarted. You probably don't know 40 people who will actually host a workshop, but you likely know 4. Invite family, freinds, co-workers and neighbers to hostess a workshop, Each of them knows people who know people who know people and, well, you get the picture.

Contact me today, and I will gladly help you get started, and I will also be there along the way!