Monday, April 6, 2009

Palm Sunday 2009

When Jesus (a King) entered Jerusalem, he came gentle and on a donkey. Very unpretenious for a king. A rare and beautiful quality. When I think of people I admire in my own life, that is the quality that I admire the most!

As Pastor says, Palm Sunday reminds us that Jesus was a king. Good Friday tells us what kind of king and what kind of kingdom.

What kind of kingdom? One of weakness and humility. A kingdom of the cross. A kingdom of peace and justice in Christ.

A physical kingdom one day. For now, a spiritual kingdom by word and sacrament, prayer, and community.

Why is this important? We live in a world that equates the material with the real. Our challenge is to connect the deeply spiritual kingdom of God in Christ to the needs of an all too real, material world.

A beautiful song called What Wondrous Love Is This can be heard here: