Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daily Reflection

What a day today was! I met my stampin friends at 830 am, we went to Lawrence and stamped for hours, ate lunch at Jason's Deli, drove back home,
stopped at Sam's Club, then to the Sonic for a limeade, and made it church with time to spare. Next, I headed to Best Buy to pick up a network cable, hopefully this will fix my internet connection problem. Oops, I forgot about the tornado warning siren that went off during our church service, so we headed to the basement. By the time we got out some chairs, Pastor said a prayer for everyone's safety, Pastor gave his message, we then learned that the tornado had moved east, so we headed back upstairs to Communion & Offering! Love the excitement!!!

I am extremely thankful tonight that I was not harmed by a tornado, nor was my car or home. I'm thankful for my stampin friends. I'm thankful for creativity. I'm thankful for my new family at church. God is truly at work in my life. I hope that if your are struggling, or someone you know is, you find peace in your life.