Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Still Around

I can't believe it has been a whole week since I've posted. I'm so sorry. My car has been in the shop. I fried the motherboard on my computer. A friend of a friend sold me another computer. Nothing works. I have to go searching for the files & open them up, but they are missing a file so am e-mailing help desks all over everywhere. I've been working (volunteering) at my church several days a week. By the time I get home, get supper, do a little housecleaning, I'm ready for bed! Please bear with me as I settle into my new routine.

I'm trying to finish a couple of scrapbook pages. Hope to have those for you later this week.

I still would like to have a Holiday Open House, but just can't make myself commit to it. Somebody hit me with a wet noodle.

I hope you will come back.