Monday, June 1, 2009

I love parties, especially theme parties. Contact me today to schedule one for you and your friends. Listed below are a few ideas.

1) Pool party! The kids can swim while the moms gather for the party. Hire a local teen to supervise. OR if you don't have a pool, you can fill a blow-up pool with water (and perhaps wine coolers?) and have a Ladies only gathering. Everyone can sit outside and dangle their feet in the water while I introduce to you to stampin or scrappin.

2) Margarita party! Says it all…frozen margaritas and a Ladies night out…could anything be more fun than that?

3) Ice Cream Sundae party! Ask all your guests to bring one ingredient to make a great ice cream sundae. You will provide the ice cream but what’s a Sundae without the whipped cream? When your guest has an important ingredient to bring, she’s sure to come.

4) Taco party! Same idea as an Ice Cream Sundae party but you provide the taco meat and guests bring the rest.

5) Pizza party! You provide the pizza dough and sauce…guests bring along their favorite topping

6) Appetizer party – Pot luck appetizers brought by your guests along with copies of her recipe to share with all the other guests

7) Party at my place - Have the party here. No mess. No fuss.

Have an idea that's not listed above? I'm all ears!